About Kinetix & PDK

Kinetix Networks by PDK James Howell CEO of Kinetix

James Howell

PDK was started on the 24th January 2012. The business was formed in the beginning to support local businesses with high quality IT support. This was made up of a close-knit team, of like-minded professionals, who were passionate about technology and how it could transform many businesses.

After supporting these businesses for the past four years, PDK saw a further opportunity to help residential consumers. So the PDK team grew, adding more support to help the community. With extensive research to deliver nbn and voice services to the Riverina, the Kinetix Networks team was formed.

As the Kinetix team, we are fuelled by a passion to help and part of that help is providing education. All too often we see consumers fall into a trap where they don’t read the fine print and end up receiving something that they didn’t know they were getting, or end up with substandard services. We want consumers to be empowered with education and the confidence to understand that they are in control of their services. We want to help consumers exercise their rights and make informed decisions, so they are happy with their services.

We have invested plenty of time in to breaking down what you need to know. We have information available on the Kinetix Networks website kinetix.net.au. Also, we will be answering questions on our facebook page.

We believe in making sure that our customers understand exactly what they are getting, with nothing hidden from them. We are here to support the local community and we want to do that by offering you great services and provide you with clear information so that you can make the right decision. Choose Wagga’s local nbn provider, Kinetix Networks, brought to you by PDK.