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How Kinetix is Levelling the Playing Field for Growing ISPs in Australia

Tuesday, 28th November 2023

In the Australian Internet market, major service providers have long held sway. However, the perception often is that these providers have lost touch with their customers – especially with regards to the wholesale services.

If you're a growing ISP, or even an MSP that wants to bundle Internet services into their overall offering, working with these large wholesalers can be an exercise in frustration. Outsourced and offshore help desks, limited accessibility, and a lack of transparency can all make it difficult to a company to provide a good standard of service to their own customers.

And, when things go wrong, the customer is always going to blame their ISP, regardless of whether the issue happened upstream with the wholesaler or not.

The Australian Government's nbn helps break away from the need to work with these corporate partners. Indeed, NBN co, which manages the nbn, has taken steps to help growing ISPs remain competitive in a space that often rewards scale.

Ultimately, however, what helps an ISP distinguish itself is not the raw speeds or prices that it offers to its customers, but where it adds value. To do that, the growing ISP needs a wholesale partner that can properly support it.

Increasingly, ISPs and anyone else that wants to offer their customer an Internet service is coming to Kinetix. We not only provide wholesale Internet services, but we do so in an accountable and transparent way that adds value to the ISP and, ultimately, their customers.

The Value of Partnering with Kinetix

Partnering with Kinetix offers several advantages for growing ISPs:

Firstly, Kinetix's direct RSP status allows them to provide high-quality services at low costs. This can be particularly beneficial for ISPs looking to offer competitive pricing to their customers.

Secondly, Kinetix's extensive national coverage, and the nature of the nbn as national infrastructure, means that they can support clients across Australia, regardless of their size or location. This broad reach can help ISPs extend their own service areas and customer base. For many, growth might simply mean expanding services to the next town, or winning a large marquee client in a new location. Kinetix can make the provisioning of services to those new business opportunities seamless.

But, as mentioned above, for growing ISPs, cost and scope are not necessarily the key priorities. In most cases, customers that are only concerned about costs and data speed will go to one of the large, national ISPs.

ISPs earn and retain their business by being better, offering deeper services, and being a human connection to their clients. This is why many ISPs are adopting ideas from MSPs and bundling all kinds of support and technology services in, with the Internet connection acting as the foundation of the overall service.

Enabling this is where Kinetix adds the most value through its services, starting with the Revolution Wholesale platform.

The Revolution Wholesale Platform

The Revolution Wholesale platform gives ISPs everything they need to effortlessly manage their customer's service. It includes a top-of-the-line web portal for managing nbn™ connections in an easy and intuitive manner. Furthermore, ISPs can use it to make use of Kinetix's modern RESTful APIs and integrate them into the ISP's own platform.

The tools found within the Revolution Wholesale platform also support address lookup, site qualification, quoting, ordering, appointments, service health, diagnostics, performance statistics, technology changes, trouble tickets, and more. As one of the first RSPs to fully onboard with nbn for their RESTful APIs, enabling lightning-quick responses to your actions, Kinetix directly underpins a superior level of service that each customer will immediately feel.

As shown in statistics provided by the ACCC, there is a major exodus away from the major ISPs. In just the last few years, the biggest ISPs have lost hundreds of thousands of subscribers, while the ISPs have seen rapid growth.

Thanks to the nbn, the playing field is even, and the large ISPs can leverage their scale to offer lower costs. This means something significant: Australians are willing to pay a premium when a high-quality service is attached to that.

For growing ISPs, having a partner like Kinetix, which can provide both the technical reliability but back it up with services that will add value to customers, is key. These ISPs can become a true partner to their customers, locking them in with services and capabilities that are uniquely tailored to their needs. Kinetix has the capabilities to start delivering on that opportunity today.