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Putting your data in motion

Great value internet services

Business Internet

Business-grade nbn™ services backed by Enhanced SLAs to give you assurance when connecting your business to the internet.

high speed, high quality Enterprise Ethernet

Enterprise Ethernet

High-Speed, High Quality internet powered by business nbn™ Enterprise Ethernet for your business, keeping you productive.

VoIP Phones

Integrate your business phones into your workflow better with a VoIP phone system. Good for small businesses and those with larger call-centres.

We'll also take care of ordering your handsets, phone numbers, SIP trunks, and arranging your call data retention.

Managed IT Support

We also offer general IT support services, supporting your staff, software platforms, and managing your digital workplace.

These services are not available to everyone, but we'll happily discuss the possibility with you.

Providing Better Hardware

Get access to enterprise-grade equipment for your business, bringing higher functionality at lower costs. After all, you're only as good as your gear.

We can help you with access points, wifi extenders, network equipment, switches, routers, servers, desktops, workstations, laptops, firewalls, cables, headsets, and more.

Professional Installation

Not only can we source high-quality hardware at great prices, our team can install and set them up for you too. This is only available in certain areas where supported by our local teams.

Server Monitoring and Reporting

Need to track and ensure up-time for the servers running your critical application? Kinetix can help via specialised monitoring tools that integrate with customised dashboards for reporting.

Virtual Private Networks

We can assist your company with setting up and running VPNs for secure access to your networks. Great for companies with employees working remotely, whether from home, at a client site, or on the road.

Remote Access & Support

We can help with the setup and management of Remote Access systems for your office equipment and devices. This can then be integrated into our Support Desk team to enable remote support of your staff.


Want to know more about how we can meet your business requirements? Submit a quote request and we will help you find out.

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