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Kinetix Wholesale

Kinetix Networks is a direct Retail Service Provider (RSP) of nbn™ which allows us to offer high-quality, low-cost services to our partners. We work with like-minded businesses to help them grow and develop, supporting a wide-variety of technologies from regional and metropolitan areas across Australia.

Kinetix Partner Program

Our partners take advantage of our relationship with nbn™ and other parties, to offer high-quality services with low contention rates. They can streamline their offerings and increase margins, with the help to grow at their own pace.

They also get access to our industry-leading Revolution Wholesale web portal and APIs to integrate into their own systems. Features include easy-to-use tools for ordering, appointments, service health, diagnostics, and more.

Our Products

  •     IP Transit - For data interconnection and routing
  •     SIP Voice and Trunks - For telecommunication and PABX offerings

Data Services

Becoming a Partner

For more information on us, our capabilities, our services and our Revolution platform contact our friendly team now.