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The net, but not as you know it.

Fast Internet

Faster Internet from $59/month

Superfast internet via one of our nbn™ plans, bringing fast speeds at great prices.

VoIP Home Phones

Unlimited National Calls from $20/month

Keep your home phone number with one of our VoIP plans and get great low prices.

Unlimited Data

All of our residential nbn™ plans come with unlimited data - so go ahead, play those games, listen to those podcasts, watch those cat videos, work from home, video chat with your family - we don't care.

The digital world is yours for the taking - no need to fear running out.

High Speed, Low Latency

Every residential customer is important to us, and that's why we don't cut corners or penny-pinch with sub-par services. We'll provide you with the fastest speed and the lowest latency possible - just because we can.

Home Wifi

Choose from one of our supported modems when ordering, with devices suitable for both apartments and for large houses, or bring your own supported device when you transfer a service to us.

Fibre Technology Upgrades

For those finding themselves limited by older copper-line (FTTN, FTTB, FTTC) or Fixed Wireless technology, we can help track your eligibilty for a free technology upgrade to modern super-fast Fibre.

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