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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

What is, and who owns the nbn™?

The nbn™ is owned by nbn™ Co. The nbn™’s purpose is to deliver Australia’s first national open access broadband network to all Australians. This will be delivered by different technologies such as fibre to the node, premise, fixed wireless or satellite access to rural Australia.

FTTN stands for "Fibre to the Node" and is the most common nbn™ technology. This connection type involves replacing copper cable with fibre optic cable to various nodes. Your premise will then connect via its existing copper to the node on or near your street.

FTTP stands for "Fibre to the Premise". This will involve replacing all copper cables with fibre optic cables and bypassing the node to go directly to your home or business.

FTTB is Fibre to the Building (or basement). This is like Fibre to the Premise but is used for large buildings with multiple dwellings or offices. Fibre will be run to the communications room and then may use the existing technology to connect to each dwelling. In some situations, there may be a node in the buildings communication room.

FTTC is Fibre to the Curb. This is like Fibre to the Premise but the fibre optic cable is terminated at the curb and then is copper from the curb to your house. This technology requires an extra device called an NCD.

Fixed Wireless involves using a specially engineered tower connected by fibre to deliver coverage in a similar way to the 4G Mobile network. A fixed antenna on your roof receives a wireless signal from your local nbn™ Wireless tower. These connections are typically limited to a maximum possible connection of 75/10 mbps.

Satellite will be used to deliver broadband to the areas that cannot be serviced by other technologies, ensuring all regions can receive a broadband service. Kinetix currently does not support satellite connections but has plans for the near future.

Is Kinetix part of the nbn™?

Kinetix is an Internet Service Provider (ISP) providing solutions to residential and business customers wanting access to the nbn™. We are a seperate entity to nbn™ Co (who provides the back bone of the national network) but we work with them to enable your data to flow. We also run our own hardware and routes where we feel they better serve our clients.

Do I need a phone number to get nbn™?

No. You no longer need a connected phone number to get the internet, unlike the old ADSL connections. We offer VoIP services for those who still want a house phone or require monitored alarm systems.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes. You can keep your existing number but it must be moved across when you order an nbn™ service. If you disconnect your phone line without transferring your number, you may lose it. Consider switching to a VoIP plan that runs over your internet connection, giving you better quality calls at a much cheaper rate.

What about my existing service contracts?

If you are still under contract for your existing phone or internet service, you will need to cancel them. Talk to your provider about what is required to end your contract.

Can I keep using my current modem/router?

If your device is VDSL enabled it should support running on the nbn™ network. Check the manufacturer's website to see if your device is compatible. For those that don't have a compatible modem or want to upgrade, we can offer a new VDSL modem designed specifically to maximise your nbn™ experience.

What speeds can I achieve?

The million-dollar question! Kinetix is dedicated to ensuring that you can reach the speeds you desire. Selecting a speed tier will allow your premise to connect to the internet with a maximum attainable speed that matches your tier. Factors that can limit this speed are:

  • The quality of the connection between your home and the node.
  • The quality of the phone line in your home.
  • The distance between your home and the node.
  • The number of concurrent devices connected at your premise.
  • If you are not able to achive the speeds that you signed up for, We are happy to lower your plan and credit you the difference free of charge.