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(Min. $1,678.80 over 24 months). Speeds may vary based on conditions at your location. Learn More.

unlimited local, national and mobile phone calls

Unlimited national, local and mobile calls from $10/Month. International calls from 5c per min.

Local support and friendly staff

Kinetix is the local choice. From our HQ in the heart of Wagga Wagga we support a wide range of residential and business clients, big and small.

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Manage your account easily and view your statistics to ensure you have the best value plan.

Kinetix - Your local nbn provider

We believe in making sure that our customers understand exactly what comes with the internet service we are providing.

By choosing to hire local employees and placing emphasis on great service we have built a network capable of delivering nbn™ services Australia wide.

Any questions? Just ask - We're happy to share information so that you can make the right decision.

We grow our bandwidth alongside our client base. This means Fast nbn plans are available with low contention rates to deliver the best experience.

Modify your plan, manage your invoices or update your details using the Kinetix user portal.

Sign up for a 24 month plan and receive a FREE D-Link modem valued at $329.

As a direct nbn™ RSP (Retail Service Provider) we are building our network directly with NBN Co so we have direct ability to control the service you receive.

We collect data from NBN Co directly, so if you are unable to get the maximum speed on a service we are happy to drop you down to the next speed tier free of charge.

Consume content at a rate which works for you! Unlimited nbn™ plans available now.

Experience peace of mind - At Kinetix we dont sell your information to third parties. Your privacy matters.

We support Net Neutrality. Data travelling across the internet should be treated equally. Proud to stand up for what we believe in.


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