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A speed tier speed is the theoretical maximum speed of the access line connecting your premises to the NBN. The actual speeds you experience, particularly during busy periods, may be limited by demand in other parts of the network and will typically be much slower. For more information, see The Kinetix Advantage.


Typical Evening Speed: 8 mbps

50GB of Data

Ideal for home phone use.

$34 .95/mth


Typical Evening Speed: 8 mbps

Unlimited Data

Browse the web, email, stream videos and social media networks. Normal use in a small home.

$59 .95/mth


Typical Evening Speed: 42 mbps

Unlimited Data

Stream HD movies and TV. Good for homes with many people sharing the internet at the same time.

$69 .95/mth


on wireless connections


Typical Evening Speed: 80 mbps

Unlimited Data

Stream 4K movies and TV, enjoy ultra-fast online gaming. Perfect for larger households.

$99 .95/mth

Critical Information Summary for Advantage Unlimited plan

Phone Options

VoIP Plan

A Kinetix Residential Voice Plan allows you to make and receive calls, like you do using a regular phone but instead of your calls being delivered over a regular phone line they travel over your internet connection.

International Call Rates
VoIP Critical Information Summary

$20 .00/mth
Unlimited National Calls
Unlimited Local Calls
Unlimited Mobile Calls
1300 Numbers @ $0.30 Per Call
International Calls From 5c /min



$0 .00
No Landline Calls
No Homephone Number
Modem Options

D-Link DSL G225

D-Link DVA-2800 modem available now! $49 .95
VoIP Plans Available
4x Gigabit LAN
1x Gigabit WAN
Valued at $99.95 RRP!



No Modem
No VoIP Available
Supply your own modem

D-Link DVA-2800

D-Link DVA-2800 modem available now! $149 .95
VoIP Plans Available
Superior Wi-Fi Performance W/ AC1600
4x Gigabit LAN
1x Gigabit WAN
Valued at $329.95 RRP!

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1. Kinetix will place your account under the speed tier selected. Actual speeds recieved may depend on the quality of connection from your address to the nbn™ point of interconnect (POI).
If you are unable to recieve your desired speed
We will lower your speed plan on request and credit your account the difference.

2. If you exceed the quota listed your account may be placed on a speed limitation to prevent abuse of service. There are no additional charges for exceeding your quota.

PLEASE NOTE: Premises without existing and/or active phoneline infrastructure may be required to pay a $300 new development fee in order to connect to the nbn™ More Information

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